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Thread: Not enough milk?

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    Default Not enough milk?

    I'm a new mom, with a 12 week old son and have just gone back to work. Last week daycare told me that after one of his 4 oz. bottles he screams like he is still hungry. I've actually seen him do this at home with a bottle and he normally calms down after awhile of soothing. Someone told me to add formula to the breastmilk to make it "thicker". Or should I give him more breastmilk? I'm trying to go by what the dr. has recommended for his age (4 oz.)

    Does anyone have any experiences with this?

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    Default Re: Not enough milk?

    I hate to say it, but it definitely sounds like you are being given some pretty poor advice! The advice to mix your EBM with formula is totally off base. I'm hoping your doctor did not really tell you to limit your LO to 4 oz. per feeding. Did your dr maybe just give that as a guideline to start with?
    If your LO is still hungry after a 4 oz. bottle, by all means give him MORE breastmilk if you have it. And if you can, pump more than he needs to keep ahead of the game. If you feel like you don't have enough milk, there are lots of ways to help with that.
    And this may sound harsh, but I would not really trust your daycare's advice without knowing more, because they will often advise you to do what is most convenient for them and not best for your baby (like formula feed, feed on a fixed schedule, feed only a fixed amount...all not good).


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    Default Re: Not enough milk?

    my mom has had the same thing happen to her when she's done feeding my 4 month old dd. it could be that your son just likes to suckle, and maybe a pacifier may do the trick. a friend of mine offered her son a paci after a feeding and her son was happy! if he was really, really hungry, he'd probably spit out the paci and start crying again cause he's getting nothing from the paci.

    also, maybe he has to burp?! my dd starts crying after a bottle feeding...and my dh and i now know her "i have to burp" cry. also, babies tend to drink more from the bottle, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are still hungry. i would recommend that you do NOT mix formula with your EBM. if you feel like you are giving the right amount, then continue giving the daycare what you are giving them now. you could, to be on the safe side, give them maybe a couple of 2oz bottles of forumla to offer to your ds after a 4oz bottle of EBM...but remember if his weight gain is good and he has plenty of wet diapers, then what you are providing should be sufficient. just have the daycare folks soothe him after a feeding if/when he starts to cry.

    i hope i somewhat answered your question. good luck!
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