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Thread: Help! Baby won't take bottle

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    Default Help! Baby won't take bottle

    I have to go back to work soon, and during the hours I'm away, I was hoping to have my husband bottlefeed my 2 1/2 month old baby.

    She had no trouble alternating between breast and bottle in the first month of birth, but after breastfeeding her exclusively after that, she's now refusing the bottle. She howls the moment the teat even comes close.

    We've tried a variety of different teats - Nuk, Nuby, Adiri, Breastflow, Dr. Brown's, Avent - and she's refused every single one of them. We even tried a sippy cup, to no avail. I've tried leaving the room and the house, but my husband has had no success, even with changing positions and trying to bottlefeed her in totally unfamiliar locations.

    I once had to leave the house, and my husband reported that she refused all offers of the bottle for 4 hours, wailing, and then going to sleep. That night, she really drained me.

    So I'm wondering: During the 5-6 hours I have to be away, she'll be offered the bottle whenever she calls for milk, but if she refuses it, is it okay to let her go hungry till I return, and just make up for it with increased feeds later?

    Or should I try 'forcing' her to eat during my time away? Maybe with a dropper?

    All ideas are welcome!

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    Default Re: Help! Baby won't take bottle

    I also need this question answered!!!
    My little boy was doing great with a bottle a day (usually before bed) for the last couple weeks, as DH and I prepared for me to go back to work... but in just the last two days (and I go back to work TOMORROW... AGH!) he is freaking out and sobbing and refusing the bottle. Before the nipple even touches his lips he coughs and acts like he's gagging.
    Thankfully I'm working split shifts, and his weight gain has been amazing so far (he's almost doubled his birth weight at 10 weeks), so it's not like he is going to suddenly stop thriving after one missed feeding, but I just can't stand the thought of him crying like this for hours until he finally gives up, and I know it will be really hard on DH too.
    Advise please!!!!!

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    Default Re: Help! Baby won't take bottle

    I really really wish to get this question answered also!

    A thousand times bumped!!!
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    I would try a dropper or even spoon feed. Also, if you cosleep at night, and baby can get all they want/need when you are home, I think they will be just fine. This practice is not uncommon.
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