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    My DD is 5 1/2 months & I just started BLS this week (she was grabbing food from my hands) we have done peach slices, banana & just started baby carrots. She is eating A LOT more than I expected her to. But starting last night she was really straining to poop & then when she did it was very firm (not pellets- more like toddler poop) this is the first poop she has had like this- before that they have been normal BM poop. What does this mean? Is she eating too many solids too fast? Should I back off a little or eliminate anything? I did purees with my other two kids & they were also formula fed. Help!?

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    My personal theory is "if in doubt, back off on the solids." It answers a lot of life's little questions. I think when babies have a big change in stooling habits, it means things are happening too fast. That being said, it can also just be part of the process. If it's not hard poop, and if LO isn't hurting, it may be just fine. But it can't hurt to back off and see if things resolve.
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