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    DD is 3 1/2 weeks old and, now that we've finally figured out BFing, I would like to start pumping so I have a supply in the freezer. I'm going to be working from home so I don't need a lot, but I want to occasionally be able to give her a bottle if DH and I go out or when we travel (we're flying in 2 weeks), etc. What's the best way for me to start pumping? I don't mind pumping at a regular time each day just so I have a supply built up. I have a manual pump (Medela Harmony) but I don't know when to pump, which side, etc. without messing up my supply.

    Any advice you have would be appreciated!



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    luckily, occasional pumping with a manual pump will not decrease your supply as long as you are still nursing dd regularly. if something comes up and you need to pump several times a day or long term, you will probably need to get a high quality electric pump to mantain supply.
    here are a couple of options:
    if dd nurses on one side only, pump the other side either while or after she is feeding. i think most women are at their "fullest" in the morning, so thats when i would do it. if you find you are fuller at a different time, then do it then. if dd nurses on both sides, you could pump breast 2 when she's done (and maybe breast 1 if theres some left). i believe the advantage of pumping while feeding is that it will provide more stimulation to produce more milk.
    i have an electric double pump, so when i was starting, i would pump about an hour after ds would nurse. that way there was enough time for the breasts to fill and i would be able to "restock" before he nursed again. i usually did this at night because there was the greatest amount of time before he would nurse again so i didn't have to worry that there wouldn't be enough in there for him to get full straight from the boob.
    once you have some ebm, you can have dh give a bottle and pump at the same time. i would only do this if you are able to pump at least 1.5 feedings worth, or else you won't be able to stock up much on milk (and its no fun being attached to the pump with your lo is right there wanting to eat)
    i hope this helps!

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    I don't think adding a pumping session would mess up your supply if anything it would increase it. I would suggest to try when baby is napping. This way you will have a free time to figure out what pumping techinque works best for you. Maybe 5 to 10 mins on each side. Time is also something you will be able to adjust after you 'master' pumping. Don't be alarmed if you get totally different amounts of EBM from each breast. Good luck and remember to relax.

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