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Thread: Kind of freaking out...

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    Ok I have a very complicated question(s). My son is nearing the 7 month mark. I have been working full time and pumping since he was 7 weeks old. So far its been OK. At first he was eating three 3 ounce bottles, and I was pumping about 9-10 ounces. Then, at 6 months when we started to incorperate some solids into his diet he dropped down to two 3.5 bottles. I work from 3pm until 1130pm. But, at work I am not pumping as much as I used to. I am worried that it is my pump. I have an Ameda Purely Yours. I bought it used but gently used. I think the motor sound a little sluggish, but I still have good suction. Maybe it is the parts? I don't know. I am starting to get new parts online little by little. I wish I could just buy them all at once, but we just can't right now. My question is, do you think my supply has just gotten used to making less milk while I am at work? Or am I just not producing as much as I used to. I am so worried. When I am at work and I pump after not feeding him for almost 4 hours and I only get 3 ounces out I get so freaked out. I just worry worry worry. I know that makes it worse, but how can I stop. I don't want to stop him from nursing, I want to do it as long as he wants to. I went from pumping sometimes 12 ounces per night to barely bringing home 6 ounces! It is scaring me so bad.

    I know this is a ranty kind of post, I hope I am making sense. I hope that when I get some new parts my pump works better. The only good thing is that I work in a hospital and sometimes if my pump is acting up I can go down to maternity and use their AMAZING Medela Symphany. Do pumps get any better than that! I wish I could afford a million dollars to buy one. Ok I'm getting silly now. Please can someone just calm me down with all this though. I love nursing my son more than anything else in the world. I worked so hard for this and I don't want to loose it. Thank you
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    My son is just days away from 7 months as well. Somedays I notice a decrease when I am at work and pumping and I really worry as well. Turns out, I pumped exactly what he needed for the following day. I just have to focus on staying calm and trusting my body that I will produce what my son needs. Everytime I have worried myself silly, it always turns out to be exactly the correct amount!

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