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Thread: Soy milk for 10 month old?

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    I think you mentioned somewhere that the soy milk has organic cane sugar? Don't forget that our bodies process sugar the same way whether it is organic cane, fructose, lactose, regular sugar - sugar is sugar...so you might want to see how much sugar is actually in the soy milk.

    Also, can you give her a dairy based snack like whole milk yogurt while you are gone (if it's only for 2-3 hours) and just nurse an extra time when you are with your lo?

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    I had a similar problem at that age, and we just added more solids, especially calorie dense solids like meat and avocado. Water in a sippy cup to drink. And I made sure my DCP saved the pumped breast milk for naps or other times when LO needed a bottle. I was usually away for 5-6 hours at a stretch.
    I've heard that soy should be avoided if possible, too. I think it can have an effect on LO's hormones. We use it in our house due to cow's milk allergy, but I wouldn't use it if I didn't need to (LO and I are not willing to drink rice milk). Is it harmful to give a couple of ounces? Maybe yes, maybe no. Is it necessary when you're not away from her for very long? That's up to you.
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