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Thread: Milk Warming Question

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    Default Milk Warming Question

    Is it okay to let milk come to room temperature on its own (without warming it)?
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    I don't think that's a good idea. On my milk storage bags it says to thaw under warm water or in the refrigerator but not to let it thaw at room temperature. Though if it's fresh milk that has never been stored it's fine to leave it sitting out for 4 hours according to my LC.
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    do it all the time...no probs

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    I'm wondering the same. I have done this a few times when going out for stroller rides etc and didn't seem to have a problem but didn't use it if it had been out longer than 2-3 hrs.

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    I did this for the first time just last week when we went out to eat. My car warmer did not heat the bottle at all so I just sat it between my legs thinking my body heat might help slightly. I was worried my daughter wouldn't take it without it being warmer but she chugged it down without any problems.

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