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Thread: I thought I was done pumping but...

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    Question I thought I was done pumping but...

    DS doesn't like cow's milk (I don't either). The sitter is slowly mixing in cow's milk w/my milk, so get him used to the taste, because he'll drink my milk cold right out of a cup.

    So question: If he's eating whole milk yogurt every day, nursing in the mornings and evenings (often more than once), eating cheese every day, AND getting down maybe half a cup of cow's milk every day plus some bmilk during the day fro a cup--is that enough fat/calcium? His doc said she wanted him taking 3 8oz cups of MILK (not other dairy--?!?!) a day. I usually am all over what she says but I can't help wonder.

    And, she said soy was ok...anyone else substitute soy for cows milk? Are there enough added nutrients for it to be comparable?

    So I've been pumping AGAIN on my 24 minute (I'm a teacher) lunch "hour." What do you all think???
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    Default Re: I thought I was done pumping but...

    we've never given our son cow's milk. at age 1, we started giving him rice milk in addition to breast milk. it is fortified with calcium and the consistency and taste are similar to breast milk (i.e. thin and sweet). lately he's been on an oat milk kick. both of these milks do not have as much fat as cow's milk, but we're not worried about it, as he gets his fat from other sources. as long as your child is getting enough calcium, vitamin d, and fat, i don't see a problem not drinking cow's milk. and if you're still breast feeding 3-4 times a day, you shouldn't need to supplement with any milk.

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