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Thread: Now my baby wants to nurse ALL THE TIME

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    Hi there! I too am glad you had a better night with some extended sleep! I just wanted to add that I too am smaller in the "cup department" and that isn't an issue with milk production - I like what a PP said that its just the storage tanks are smaller but they function just fine - diaper output is always the best indicator of what your LO is getting - also the early weeks are the hardest - but, not to sound like a broken record, it will get better! I did walk into walls from sleep deprivation! among other things - but thankfully you have help - ask for it when you need it it's ok to feel overwhelemed but thats what family is for - help - camp out in bed like a PP said and overall devote your time to your LO - take a shower when you can! (super important to feel better - at least for me) , eat often and always - always have water with you!! oh and do take walks!! MY LO hates the stroller- but loves a walk in the sling!!!!

    Good luck mama! you are doing great! feel free to PM me if you ever need any extra support
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    My son who is 8 wks now did the same. We did something a lot of people do not agree w/..... we gave him a bottle of breast milk. It allowed my husband the pleasure of feeding his son that he was missing and .... mommy got a break and more than a cat nap. W/ both he was still getting enough since he was going through about 180 diapers in 1 1/2 weeks and had put on double the amount of weight the pediatrician thought he would put on in two weeks. My milk supply even kept up until I went back to work and tried to diet a bit. I am obivously a women that can not do both since I was not getting enough calories. Just hang in there and try to find your happy medium. It will get easier as the baby gets a bit older and becomes a more efficent nurser.

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    My dd (who was one that nursed around the clock for the first two weeks) also pulls at my breast sometimes. At first I thought that it was because she was not getting any milk but now am convinced that it is when she is getting too much. I have started to figure out that when her stomach is a little upset she wants to nurse constantly and only thinks that she is hungry. She doesn't fuss a whole lot, just wants to nurse but then gets to the point where she is pulling at my breast. Most of the time if I can hand her off to dad, distract her with a paci, or just soothe her some other way she will drift off to sleep. I also use the gas relief drops by Mylicon at times when she is really fussy. (If I have gas, I assume baby does too). If none of this works within about 30 minutes or so, I go ahead and start nursing again. My husband had to start forcing me to take some breaks and let someone else try to soothe her and it worked! The result is a much happier baby who is lasting longer between feedings. I know that every baby is different. The first few weeks you are just trying to figure them out by trial and error. Again, if the diapers are coming and she is gaining weight, remember that she is okay. Does she ever spit up? This is also a good sign that she is getting milk.

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