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Thread: Supplimenting?

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    Question Supplimenting?


    I am a nursing mother & my son will be 7 months old tomorrow...

    He took to the breast immediately, and there haven't been any problems...

    He takes expressed milk from a bottle...

    But lately it seems I've been producing only enough milk for his meals, and if I pump... he doesnt seem to get enough for the rest of the day....

    Should I just feed him formula on the occasions when I am away for an extended amount of time? He has never had formula, and I'm nervous to give him any...

    I wish I could get my supply to increase... at this point, if it diminishes, can you build it up again?

    ... and is giving formula to baby only on occasion a problem?

    Thanks in advance for any advice...

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    Default Re: Supplimenting?

    I would advise agains giving formula unless you absolutely have to. Anytime you start supplementing you risk affecting your supply.

    Quote Originally Posted by NBlakemore
    But lately it seems I've been producing only enough milk for his meals, and if I pump... he doesnt seem to get enough for the rest of the day....
    I am not sure what you meant by this statement...can you expand please?

    I sometimes don't pump over what dd will eat in a day. I pump 3 times a day, while I am at work. She usually eats 9-10 ounces in that time. Sometimes I only pump 10 oz. Sometimes I pump more, but not usually. If I do, I freeze it because sometimes I pump less thatn she will eat in a day. Pumping is complicated and nerve racking at times, to say the least.

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    Default Re: Supplimenting?

    I agree with the pp that supplementing is likely to make any supply issues worse because your body isn't getting the stimulation it needs to tell it to produce more milk. I've seen women go down that road and dryup their milk in a hurry.
    I am also a frequent pumper and there were times when my supply was really in danger. But, I did everything I could to avoid supplementing for that very reason, and DD has never had formula. Also, you have no reason to think that your baby will just take formula instead of EBM with no fuss or problems.

    The good news is, you certainly CAN increase your supply. There is a whole board on this forum on that issue alone. The main thing is to increase DEMAND so your SUPPLY will also increase. That means emptying your breast as frequently as possible by feeding your baby or pumping. Even if your breast feels empty, keep pumping for 5-10 minutes as it will help stimulate production. Allow baby to nurse on demand and comfort nurse for as much stimulation as possible. Add in a pumping session in the evening before going to bed or in the morning after baby eats, or at a time that works for you.
    There are also dietary and herbal aids to increase supply. There are even medications.
    I hope these suggestions are helpful and welcome!


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