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Thread: fitful sleep?

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    hello all! this is my first post here although ive been lurking about the site mining for great information.

    my LO is 3 weeks old today and im faced with a new challenge. it seems that she no longer sleeps soundly. for the first couple of weeks, she was able to sleep like a rock for her naps, but now she grunts, moans and squeaks through most of her naps. she appears to be sleeping through this all as her eyes are closed. ive tried to un-swaddle her, swaddle her, co-sleep, changed her blanket and her clothes in case she was hot/cold... the only time she seems to sleep soundly is if shes cradled in my arms or falls asleep on her tummy on my chest. during the day, i sometimes put her down for a nap on her tummy when i can watch her because it seems like she sleeps much better that way. not sure what is causing this? gas? reflux?

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    I was thinking gas as I was reading this. You can use Mylocon, but I also would make a fennel tea and then give my son some drops of that instead of the medication. It worked really well for him and he was much more peaceful.

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    Another thing that could cause it is a growth spurt. It is very common at three weeks. When my daughter was 3 weeks (and she did it again at 6 weeks), she stopped sleeping well during her naps. She did exactly what you are describing ... it was like she just couldn't get comfortable. It only lasted several days, but she didn't sleep much during that time period. When the growth spurt was over she went back to normal. Go figure!!
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    My 2 week old daughter has done the same thing for a few hours the last few mornings. I think it might be gas (at least with her) and because I am hesitant to give her anything I am hoping that it will stop once her digestive system is a bit more mature. I am also trying to do block feeding, in case it is from OALD, but that doesn't seem to have helped yet. (I just started yesterday.)

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    At that age, I would suspect a growth spurt. DS still sleeps fitfully when he's growing. There were even a couple of nights I had to massage leg cramps (I could actually feel the knots in the muscles) before he would sleep deeply. (Poor guy!) Is she eating more than normal? If she is, I would try doing some infant massage before she sleeps (or even while she's nursing) to relax her body. It can be literally painful to grow fast; I still remember waking with leg and arm pains during my last (early teen) spurt.

    If she isn't eating more, then maybe it's gas or reflux. No experience with with those, I'm afraid, but it looks like other mamas do.

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