Hello Mommies!

I was wondering if anyone out there had some input for me. I took my 11 month old DD to the doctor today for what I thought was diaper rash; turned out to be a yeast infection. She also had white spots on the inside of both her cheeks which turned out to be thrush. Doc prescribed Nystatin both orally and topically. (Oral for cheeks, topical for vaginal area)

I do not have any symptoms of a yeast infection, so I was wondering if it was something in my breast milk that could be causing DD's yeast infections. The information that the doctor gave me didn't say anything about boiling things that went into her mouth, but I've read elsewhere that that is what I am supposed to do. Also, I do eat a TON of sweets, I've read that could also be a factor. (DD breastfeeds about 6-8 times a day.)

Should I go to my doctor to get checked? Am I the one passing it to her? I should have asked my DD doc but I felt rushed and actually didn't think of these questions until after the fact. I will call in the AM, but in the meantime, I was just looking for some advice. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.