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    Hi, my DS just turned a year old. I haven't given him bread yet. What kind of bread did you start with (white, whole wheat)? Should I put it in the toaster and give it to him plain? What did you do? Obviously, I won't be giving him jam yet with the bread. What did you give with the bread/toast?

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    I started with whole wheat bread. We have whole wheat when I make it, and whole grain when I buy it. I wanted to give him what I made so I could be sure of what was in it, kwim? After a week, I gave him whatever we had - but I haven't given him white at all. I started with just a tiny amount of butter/fruit spread just so that the toast wasn't dry. I didn't want it sticking to his throat, yk? You could squirt a little breast milk on the toast if you wanted. Toast is probably better than bread just because it wont stick to the roof of his mouth the same.

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    i've always been concerned about bread. white bread.

    People have been giving him bits of it daily.. throughout the day! I keep saying no bread, but they'll say stuff like "oh it's not like he's getting full on it" or "oh it's just a little bit" or "it keeps him happy and i just give him a little". Basically just brushed me aside.

    Hello?! it's MY baby don't i get to say what he can n cannot have. he's not even 1 yet and it started when he was like 7months. THere's so much preservatives n whatever in the generic loaves they buy. I'd much prefer to give him wheat or grain.. from bakeries n cost a little more but it's for my peace of mind. I've even bought baby biscuits n rice cakes to halt this bread-feeding frenzy

    Am i over-reacting on this?

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    I'd give whole wheat toast, dry. No need to ever feed a baby white bread- that's just wheat bread with everything that's good for you removed.

    If he likes bread, you can start using it as a platform for other healthy things, like hummus. Toast sticks are great for dipping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aishah View Post

    Am i over-reacting on this?
    No way!! I hate when people do that stuff too! We started with whole wheat bread that I made so I knew what was in it. I toasted it and cut into strips. I didn't put anything on it.
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    speaking of... it drives me crazy when ppl ,ake you feel like you're over reacting!!! mr parents know how I feel about fast food, coke, etc and they always push my buttons... when we're out to dinner they're like "hey Amelia want some coke...mmmm". The joke around with me and tell me they are going to take her to MCD for french fries when they babysit... > They tell her... "you don't know what you're missing"... then they tell me that I'm being mean.... Yeah. Mean is feeding my baby that unhealthy crap! I'm so afraid to leave her with them as they would too feed her these things and think it's funny to see my reaction! We have a wed in Cali coming up snd I told my DH that we're taking the LO with us!

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