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Thread: Returning to work cup v. bottle

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    I'm open to all of those things, although she doesn't take a paci. The thing I sit here thinking about is will a dcp actually take the necessary time to do something out of the norm to feed a baby when they have 7 other babies to look out for? Do they have to? It's 1dcp to every 4 babies max 8 babies in the room. It's full where we're going. I hope I'm uselessly worrying here. I'll talk to them both on Thursday. We've tried all weekend to have her take a bottle, no luck at all. I let her play with it - put it in her own mouth. She chews on it but that's it. She won't even suck a little. I can see why, after 7 months of breast only, she's probably wondering what the heck is going on. She used to tolerate the playtex nurser for her big sister or dad but she won't do any of those now either. I've tried avent, playtex, nuk, gerber nothing. It's beginning to freak me out.

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    All those other feeding devices are out of the range of what most dcp's are used to dealing with. Most are really no harder than a bottle, or not much, once they figure it out. Maybe you can ask dcp to try it for a few days or a week, then schedule a conference to discuss it again?
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