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Thread: I *think* I'm done pumping...

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    Default I *think* I'm done pumping...

    ...though I could be wrong.

    Yesterday, I plain forgot to pump what with having to run out to buy DSS' school supplies. I'd been down to pumping for 10-15 minutes and getting about 3 oz. When I realized that I had forgotten, it was 4:30 and I was going see DD at home around 5:15 so I thought I'd wait. I was a bit fuller and heavier than usual, and DD did nurse a lot more when I got home, but aside from that, no side effects...

    To add to my joy, DD (13 months) slept through the night for the first time last night, from 9:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. I didn't do anything different except close the blinds completely so her room was in total darkness for the whole night. I hadn't been doing that previously because it was so hot and we needed the breeze coming in through the open window. Crossing my fingers that it's a continuing trend...

    So today, I'm intentionally NOT pumping, to see what effect it has on me. I'm a bit paranoid about mastitis and lower supply, but so far so good. No pain or anything, just feeling a bit full.

    Wish me luck mamas...I SO need to ditch my pump!

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    Default Re: I *think* I'm done pumping...

    Your supply should be fine, mama. You might want to bring your pump with you for a while just in case you get painfully engorged, but it sounds like you are done! and
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    Default Re: I *think* I'm done pumping...

    How's it going? I still nursing, but the day I packed up my pump was a day to . You are a for pumping so long!
    Imma to AA, born at home 11/12/07 , juggling , working, APing , cloth diapering , - and . I'm done - yay!


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