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Thread: 14 month old increasing nursing

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    Question 14 month old increasing nursing

    I've been determined to nurse my son until he's at least 18 months old and so far it has not been a problem (except for some uncomfortable bites, but we're over that now). He was nursing about 4 times a day (night time is a different story)

    Over the last few days though he has been increasing the amount of time he wants to nurse. It used to be we would get up in the morning and he would have a yogurt for breakfast and breastfeed and hour or so later. Instead, first thing in the morning he's reaching in my nightgown and pulling my breasts out himself! Plus, several times during the day he wants to nurse, reaching his hands inside my shirt if I don't "get it".

    He was to the point where he would fall asleep (not in the crib but in my or DH's arms) without BFing, but now he's back to only falling asleep while nursing. He does not sleep through the night and usually wakes up, at which point I bring him into bed and BF him back to sleep. But now that's turning into several times a night.

    I can't understand why all of a sudden he's increasing the amount of time he wants to nurse.

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    There are a lot of different reasons why babies all of a sudden fall back in love with breastfeeding. Teething, developmental milestones, and growth spurts are the big ones. But there's also the "learning how to ask" stage- once a baby acquires a skill, they like to practice it. A lot. Your baby may be demanding to nurse because he is practicing the skill of asking. And then there's the toddler desire to reconnect with mommy even as he becomes more independent. That usually fades as the toddler becomes more and more comfortable with his independence and realizes that mama will always be there for him even when he races away.

    This will pass!!!

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    Thanks! It's helpful to know that he's not the only one that this happens to. Most of the things I've read talk about how they gradually cut down on nursing by themselves and here's mine demanding it every couple of hours! I think I'm the only mom around here who has nursed their children past 6 months let alone past 12, so it's a little embarrassing when we're out in public and he tries sticking his hands down my shirt. I just don't want to start explaining. (There are actually people who have told me that after 6 months there's no more milk in there and he's just using it to pacify himself.)

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    No milk after 6 months? I'd be tempted to squirt someone in the eye if they fed me that line.

    Nursing in public can be a real challenge with an older child. If you are okay with it, please do continue! You are normalizing breastfeeding after 1 for everyone who sees your baby nurse. You could give some mom the courage to do what she wants, what her baby wants, instead of what she thinks society demands. That being said, pretty soon your baby is going to be entering a stage where it's okay to put some limits on nursing. Once he can understand "Not now, we'll nurse when we get back to the car," or "Not now, here's your sippy cup instead," you can start trying it out. Many of babies will accept limits when they are out and about- if only because there is so much other interesting stuff around them.

    P.S. My baby nursed every couple of hours during the day until around 14-15 months. Then she gradually dropped nursing sessions. By age 2, we were down to 4-5 a day, and by age 3 it had been once a day for at least 6 months.

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    I would treasure every nursing moment! It sounds totally normal to me. Maybe he's getting new teeth? Mine is 14 mo. old and is doing the opposite -cutting out her nursing sessions. I just think every baby is different. There are plenty of mommas on this site that would say their 14 mo. olds are doing what yours is doing. It's great that he's nursing so much! You might not think so now, but you will be grateful later! Believe me, I wish mine was more interested.

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    I've started setting limits when we're in public and he understands, shaking his finger at me with a questioning look. But, I don't mind the extra nursing, I just want to make sure there's no underlying problem except for the fact that I had to dig out my silver "pasties" in order to ease some irritation. Those little teeth rub! My first goal was to bf for 1 year, now it's 18 months and I'm hoping to extend it to 2 years but, of course, that's all up to him.

    Thanks for the support! Sorry to hear yours is slowing down eelme1. Maybe she'll start back up in a little like mine is.

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