. Wow. My Boss is a real bugger too! I am a teacher and I secretly pump in the tiny bathroom in my classroom! I am determined to breastfeed and give my baby expressed breastmilk. In GA, where, I live the law suggests employers to give breaks for Bf moms, but it is not necessary if it disrupts work time. With me being a 1st grade teacher I really have no down time. I am suppose to be with the kids at all times except lunch. On planning and after school we are suppose to be strictly planning. My boss does not even allow cell phones in the school building! I never even asked/told him I was pumping. I just do it. It is frustraiting and I am scared he will tell me I am not allowed to do it. The thing is my son comes first and I am doing the best I know to do. You will find a way your a good mama! Good luck mama!!!