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Thread: HELP!? Fussy BF baby!

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    Question HELP!? Fussy BF baby!

    I have a 5 week old little girl. My third child and first successfully breastfeed baby. I am getting so frustrated with the recent happenings in our feeding routine.
    Most of the day my BF daughter of fine. Then all of a sudden, generally after the sun goes down, she starts to fuss. She'll put my nipple in her mouth then with her hand she smacks it out of her mouth and starts to cry. She roots frantically for the nipple and the whole process starts all over. I am able to calm her and then try to nurse again but we seem to go right back to the fussy business. Sometime just putting her mouth near my nipple makes her cry even harder.
    I have tried gas medicine, I have tried to change my diet, I tried a pacifier, I tried a bottle of breast milk and formula. Sometimes the bottle helps, like she wasn't in the mood for the breast.
    This started when she was a few days old, stopped and then started again just recently. I have gone as far as stripping us both down and holding her close to comfort her. She eventually latches on and sucks herself to sleep like the last hour and a half never happened.
    What kind of whacky faze is this???!!! Has anyone else been through this? How did you solve the mystery?
    She is growing fine, gaining weight and all that. She is wetting and dirtying plenty of diapers. She has a nice 4 hour sleep at night and wakes about ever 2-3 hours through the day to nurse.
    I am so hoping this ends soon.
    HELP?!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? ??!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: HELP!? Fussy BF baby!

    Hi there - so sorry you're having trouble with your sweet LO - I don;t have my links on this computer (using DH's laptop) but just off the top of my head I thought of a few things and wanted to address your thread tonight- maybe someone else can come along and give you links... but I wonder if maybe theres an over-active letdown issue at work here. Check around for that here and on kellymom.com to see if the symptoms are similar... also keep in mind fussy times for new babes can be in the evening hours and one of the things I read about that is that it's because our milk supply wanes in the evening hours...

    HTH - hopefull someone may come along with links or other suggestions this is just what I thought of first off when reading your post. good luck to you!!!!!! Keep up the good work!
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    You poor thing. It sounds a lot to me like what the old timers termed "colic". Colic is usually defined by the rule of threes: a baby how is fussy for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, usually starting around 3 weeks of age and lasting for 3 months. They used to think it was stomach related, but recent research is showing that it may be related to an immature nervous system. These babies often have a more difficult time than non-colicky babies in shutting out the world around them. This can lead to stomach problems (makes sense to me...my stomach gets upset when I am "nervous" too), which is why they thought it was stomach related.

    We suffered through this and it can be very trying, for the entire family. My dd was fussy all day long for at least 6 days a week. We tried everything and eventually, she just got "over it." It seemed to last forever, to me, but looking back, that stage was really not that long! So, remember, this too shall pass.

    Until it does, here are a few things that seemed to help us. Try wearing your lo in a sling (this didn't work for us but everyone recommended trying it). Try a warm towel on your chest then place your baby on her tummy on the towel--if it is her tummy, the warmth will relax tense tummy muscles. Try carrying her in the "football hold". This is when her head is toward the crook of your arm and your hand is between her legs--again, the pressure on her tummy may help. Give her lots of quiet time--dark lights, no tv, soothing or no music. Try white noise. Motion also works great...sometimes, so that dh and I could eat dinner together we would put her in her carseat and put iton the washer on the spin cycle. She would quiet down enough so that we could eat in peace. Be careful though that the carseat doens't bounce off.

    It may not be colic either. It may be as simple as overactive letdown, although I suspect she would be more fussy in the mornings when your supply was greater.

    Dr. Sears has lots of good info on parenting fussy babies on www.askdrsears.com. Please feel free to pm me, post here, whatever you need. I have been through it and if you look at some of my other posts will realize that you are not alone!!!

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    Default Re: HELP!? Fussy BF baby!

    I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I am a first time mom going through the same thing with my 4wk old and have been for 2 wks. She like yours is not like this all the time but mostly at night. The Doc said it was acid reflux and put her on Axid 2x a day. what he told me, and I hope this helps you some, is that her acid is so high it is burning her throat and the warm milk sooths the burning but she knows she is full so she does not want to keep stuffing herself because she knows she will just throw up again and all the burning will start all over again. Wheather or not my or anybodies babies are this smart here are some things that are currently working for us. My husband walkes her around in a front pack carrier until 8:00pm then we take her for a bath after that I wrap her tight in a fleese blanket, give her the bink and rock her to sleep. A routine seems to be helping a lot with my little one. Other things that have helped is putting her in the swing, leting her sit in her carseat in the bathroom with the fan and shower running, car rides, running the sweeper, and walks in the stroller. I hope something here can help you I know that it is very upseting to see your baby crying all the time I am going through the same thing try getting someone else to just walk with your baby for a hour or so and then take that hour to go get yourself a bath and regroup I have read that if your upset that can make your baby upset. I know all this sounds easier said than done. I hope this gets easier for the both of us an all other parents of babies like ours. I don't know about you but I always thought being a mom of a newborn was so much easier than this I thought the hard part was later in life and now they only ate, slept, pooped, and pee. Well take care and let me know if this works or if you find anything else that might help

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