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Thread: Convention Center - Ideas?

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    Default Convention Center - Ideas?

    Any thoughts/successes on places to nurse while attending a convention at a convention center? It's close enough for me to drive to, so I won't have a hotel room to escape to.

    I've been offered the first aid station, but apparently the paramedics will be my audience (i.e. its not private) and if they get called for something, I would have to leave.

    Its at Moscone in SF, CA, so you would think pretty forward thinking, but they aren't set up for this, apparently. The conference is for a very male dominated industry, so I doubt there are many in my situation.

    Looking for ideas... Thanks!

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    Default Re: Convention Center - Ideas?

    Any unused small conference / meeting rooms?
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    some of the conference centers I have been to have had rather large restrooms with lounges and couches - not that I would want to pump in a bathroom but I would if I had to esp. in a lounge area - I'd bring a nursing cover up and go for it.

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