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Thread: Convention Center - Ideas?

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    Any thoughts/successes on places to nurse while attending a convention at a convention center? It's close enough for me to drive to, so I won't have a hotel room to escape to.

    I've been offered the first aid station, but apparently the paramedics will be my audience (i.e. its not private) and if they get called for something, I would have to leave.

    Its at Moscone in SF, CA, so you would think pretty forward thinking, but they aren't set up for this, apparently. The conference is for a very male dominated industry, so I doubt there are many in my situation.

    Looking for ideas... Thanks!

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    Do they have one of those nice big restrooms with a lobby to the entrance of it? You know, with the couches & mirrors and so on? It would probably have power outlets and wouldn't be super private, but would be cleaner than the bathroom and wouldn't be used that much since it's a male dominated industry.

    Can you tell the convention center that the first aid station is unacceptable? Maybe they have an unused office or something? What about the hotel that most of the folks at the conference are staying at? Do they have a room you could use? Or one of those fancy restrooms?

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    you could sneak to the end of a hall way and find a chair that was out of the way.
    Some fancy hotels and places have areas like that.

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    If you are taking your car, and have a battery pack, do it in the vehicle. I did at a recent work event where I had to be away for eleven hours. I put receiving blankets in the windows, covered the big front window and was ok - but I would recommend an extra cover for over the seats to block the back view, and maybe even a nursing cover for you. I was never seen, but felt a bit exposed even through the cracks. Turn on the car for music and away you go...

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