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Thread: not enough milk???

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    Default not enough milk???

    I have an 11 day old who has been fussy about nursing since day 1. While things have gotten somewhat better, he'll only nurse on one breast. I've been pumping lots (8 times a day) but not expressing enough (about 15 ml on average for both breasts). Lately though my unused breast has been expressing next to nothing! I'm concerned that it is not making milk anymore and that I am not making enough milk in general. Any thoughts on what I can/should do?

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    Hi, does your baby only take the one breast or does he take only one breast at each feeding? Thats ok if he is only taking from one breast. I know that when I first started pumping I would be lucky to get 1oz from my breast. Do you need to pump? Try to feed your baby as much as you can to help build up your supply. The one thing I've learned on this forum is "SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!" Are you returning to work and need to stock up? If baby seems satisfied after feeding off the one breast that you are worried about, then he's getting enough. Also, even though you are getting next to nothing from the one breast, keep on pumping. Your body will send signals to your brain to say "Hey, we need more milk please!"
    Keep up the good work!! It can be very hard and trying, but your doing great.
    Best wishes

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    Hi there

    Congratulations on your new baby! The pump is a very poor indicator of what your body is actually making. Your breasts will let down better for a baby than for a machine

    The best way to tell if baby is getting enough to eat is to watch his diapers. He should be having 5-6 wet disposable diapers and 2-5 (US quarter sized) bowel movements per day. Here is a great article that can help you figure out if he's getting enough:

    Hope that helps!
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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    Congrats on the new baby! Like the pp said SUPPLY and DEMAND is what our body does for our babies so don't worry about it. It will even itself out eventually. It did for me.

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