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Thread: when & how can i wean from night feeds?

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    Default when & how can i wean from night feeds?

    Hi my son is in his 17th week. Recently, he has been waking every hour or hour and a half especially after 2am. I would feed him for about 20 mins and he would fall back asleep. He is also an early riser, so I can barely get thru some mornings! I've been wondering when and how I can wean him off some of the night feeds. He weighs 5.5kg (about 12 pounds), and feeds every 2-4 hours during the day. Any advice?
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    Default Re: when & how can i wean from night feeds?

    For how long has he been doing this? You never know what's going on with babies-it could be a growth spurt, or even early teething, or maybe he's fighting off a cold or other illness, or about to hit another big milestone. Or have you been away from him during the day at all? All of these factors and many more could explain his need to nurse more frequently.
    I know it's hard to feel sooo exhausted, but I really believe that babies nurse because they need to, for one reason or another. It might help to try and figure out the reason if possible. For example, if he's hungry, maybe your partner (if you have one) could give him a bottle of EBM. If he wants to nurse for comfort, maybe your partner could rock or walk with him or find some other way to comfort him. If he is teething and in pain, you could try to give him Tylenol or Motrin if that's appropriate for his age. You can also try to increase the number of feeds during the day, or co-sleep and nurse lying down to get more rest.
    I think, whatever you decide to do, please try to respect your baby's needs and understand that his emotional needs are very real. If his frequent wakings have been a recent development, give it a few days and it may resolve itself.
    HTH (from someone who got about 5 hours of interrupted sleep last night from a still-getting-over-her-cold 12 month old).


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    Default Re: when & how can i wean from night feeds?

    Are you getting at least one long stretch a night? One stretch of sleep that's at least 4 hours??

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    Default Re: when & how can i wean from night feeds?

    I would suggest feeding him more often during the day. 4 hours is quite a long time to go without food, and you really want that 4 hours to be at night so you can enjoy some seep! I would recomend offering the breast at least every 2 hours during the day, and also doing breast compressions (especally in the evening): http://www.kellymom.com/newman/15bre...mpression.html

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