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Thread: Breastmilk after 6 months

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    Not entirely sure where to post this so I'll be reasonably random and hope :-D

    I have a freezer full of EBM (I EP and until recently produced enough rich milk to feed a small country) and realised to day that my LO is 5 months and 2 weeks old (how time flies). I have heard that the composition of BM changes at around the 6 month mark and, if so, I need to start using my stash.

    If the EBM I have in the freezer is not going to be 100% adquate for my LO's needs could I still use it to mix with any food I start to introduce (he already makes a grab for my avocados and bananas and grapes etc but am holding off on actually letting him have any until 6 months minimum) after the 6 month mark or shoudl I start introducing it inot my bottles of ebm? None of it is more than 3 months old as I had major supply issues to begin with and it took me a while to produce enough to store.

    Cheers xxx

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    Moving from infant forum to Milk Storage. (and bump)

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    I don't think it makes a difference really. Any breastmilk is better than no breastmilk, kwim? Although it isn't exactly right on with her age, the odd bottle here and there wont make any difference. And you could certainly mix it with any food that you wanted to when she's ready for solids

    Congrats on storing so much milk! That's great!!!

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    Agree with pp - sorry don't have more to add myself :-)
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    i would use it..i just used a bottle of milked stored from the end of Jan I think they say 6-9 months is ok...I am starting to use my older frozen milk and pump fresh milk in its place

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    The change in composition is gradual, not sudden. I would suggest using your old stash, but in conjunction with your newer pumpings (either mixing, or alternating bottles). And you could definitely use it with food, since there it is substituting for water, and any bm is worlds better than water!
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