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Thread: trying to introduce bottle to go back to work.

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    Unhappy trying to introduce bottle to go back to work.

    I am trying to introduce the bottle to my one month old. she refuses to take it. i have to go back to work in 2 weeks. I am using a platex nurser with the larger nipple that is supposed to be more like mothers nipple. and i am using breast milk. My doctor told me to only offer the bottle and not give her the breast or she will never take it. but I think he is wrong. please help

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    Default Re: trying to introduce bottle to go back to work.

    Yes, your doc is wrong! Does not sound like a pro-BF doctor. Are you the one trying to feed your LO a bottle. DS will not take a bottle from me and also won't take it from DH if I'm in the room. He takes it just fine from DH when I'm at work. We also went through a lot of nipples b/f we found one DS liked. He prefers the Avent. I have heard that NUK is good and there is a nipple you can buy on line that's supposed to be most like the breast http://www.adiri.com/main/index.php.


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    Default Re: trying to introduce bottle to go back to work.



    These are a couple of links that you might find useful. You WILL find a way that works for you. Do you have someone else to try and give baby the bottle? A lot of times the baby won't take the bottle from mom.
    I used the Playtex nipple with success for several months, but there are a lot of different nipple choices out there. Some have said that Dr. Brown's is a good one. There are actually a couple of threads on this forum totally devoted to dicussing the merits of various nipples.
    It is probably best to stick with a "slow" flow nipple to help avoid nipple preference, which can happen when baby gets milk more easily from a bottle than from mom.
    There are also alternatives to the bottle, described in the links above.
    I think you should keep offering the breast even if your baby doesn't take the bottle, although maybe not immediately. Don't wait until your baby is crying from hunger, though. As a rule of thumb, if your baby is hungry, feed her! Not feeding her will not teach her to take a bottle, but will make the whole experience traumatic for her.
    How is pumping going? Since you have two weeks before you start, I would try to build up a back-up supply in that time.
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    Default Re: trying to introduce bottle to go back to work.

    I was totally unsuccessful with a bottle with my first. I was lucky enough to have a caregiver bring her to me during my lunch so I could feed her. She was 5mo when I went back to work. I introduced a bottle (Dr. Browns) to my 2nd and he is doing pretty well with it. I started at 4 weeks and tried every other day usually during a sleepy time. He did much better when I was out of the room, but now at 5mo he will take bottle from me but never more than a few ounces. If you need your baby to take a bottle because of work rather than once in a while then you need to try a bottle everyday. Make sure EBM is warm. I used fresh milk too at first, sometimes babies refuse frozen or day old pumped milk. I tried the medela bottles but found that sticking with one type of nipple worked best for me. You could also try a small cup with new baby and later on a sippy, that worked best for my first. I tended to let caregiver feed her solids and I nursed at night, she reversed her cycle so nursed a lot during the evening hours. Good luck!

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