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Thread: Help!! Still Hungry

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    I'm a new mom with a 12 week old son and I have two questions. The first is regarding milk supply.

    I just returned to work 4 weeks ago and have been pumping twice a day at work, once around 11:30 and again around 4:00. At first I was able to get 4 ozs. from each breast, but now I get 4 ozs. from one and 2 1/2 from the other. Is there something you suggest to do for the breast that is not producing as much? The one breast has always been not as abudent as the other and my son definately favors the one side. I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up with what I need for daycare everyday. I'm trying to go by the guidelines of what the Dr. recommended my son to eat, 4 ozs. every 3 to 4 hours.

    Which leads me to my second question. When daycare gives him the 4 ozs. he chugs it and when he is done, he screams. Does he need more? My thought to this is that it takes so much longer for him to nurse that he gets filled up even though it is the same amount. But, I don't really know how much he gets from me, is it 4 ozs.? Should I supplement with formula? Should I try 5 ozs.?

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    I think the amount your baby needs can really fluctuate depending on whether he's going through a growth spurt etc. The first few months seem to be one big growth spurt with a few slower times.
    If he's going through an entire 4 oz bottle and cries for more, he probably is still hungry. It is so hard to tell how much milk you're giving him through your breast. All you know is that it's "enough," which has its good and bad points.
    It is really common for a woman to be able to get more out of one breast when pumping, so don't let that alarm you. You might try to increase nursing or pumping on the "weak" side but sometimes one breast simply has more milk ducts.
    As you might know, breastfeeding is based on supply-demand. In order to increase your supply, you have to keep "demand" going, meaning nurse or pump as frequently as possible. So, the first thing to do to increase your supply is pump more often and let your baby nurse as often as he will when you are with him. I wouldn't try and put him on a feeding schedule or night wean him. Letting him confort nurse will actually stimulate more milk production even if it feels like you're "empty." Same with pumping-keep pumping for 5-10 minutes after your milk flow slows or stops. Also, add in an extra pumping session if you can, whenver you can fit it in. If you feel like you don't have enough to feed your baby and pump more, pump a little bit after you feed him. You may not get much milk at that time, but it will stimulate production.
    There are also some changes in diet and herbal remedies that can help low supply. You can check those out on the undersupply board on this forum.
    Good for you for choosing to continue doing the best for your baby! I've been a pumping machine for the past 12 months, and there were definitely times when my supply was dangerously low. But, somehow I kept it up and never had to supplement with formula. You CAN do this!
    I hope that helps!


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