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Thread: Mirena IUD and breastfeeding

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    I would like to hear everyone's current opinion and experience on Mirena and breastfeeding. Pros and cons. How it affected your bf relationship. My OBGYN recommended it for BC because I am not sure if I want any more kids, and if I do, it won't be for a few years.


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    I was really, really paranoid about supply issues AND I detest hormonal birth control (in the past, the pill gave me what seemed like non-stop PMS) so I had the Paragard IUD inserted about 2 months ago (when my son was 5 months old). NO issues! It's been perfect! I had a bit of spotting and the insertion hurt, I'm not gonna lie. Otherwise it's the perfect birth control

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bensmom View Post
    Has anyone had the IUD taken out? I'm just wondering if it's the same kind of pain as when they put it in. Unless it didn't hurt anyone else and I'm just a huge wimp! But, I passed out afterwards!
    I had mirena with my last son and it hurt putting in but I truly felt no pain when it was taken out! Good luck!
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    i had th iud pput in @ 6-7 weeks and it didnt really effect my supply. i was worried to death about it, but it was for nauht

    the spotting shouldnt last more than a month tho, i spotted offa n on for a month or so afterward, the first week was mostly i think a mix of blood and the iodine

    but with the hormaones, the way i see it is that its going straight at the source, not going thru the blood steam which might effect supply with the pill.
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    I had it put in at 7 months postpartum and had no issues with supply. Having it put in was probably the most painful experience of my life (and I had a natural birth) but it has really been worth it. I love not taking a pill everyday, and I have had some light spotting off and on but no cramps at all.

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