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Thread: upper lip tie and biting with teeth (6 months old)

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    Default upper lip tie and biting with teeth (6 months old)

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone could help... my baby was born with a tongue-tie, which made nursing very painful, however it was corrected with surgery at 3 weeks. I have now noticed that he also has an upper-lip tie. He has 6 teeth and seems to bite a lot more than when I fed my other child when they had teeth!
    Is this related to the lip-tie? I really want to continue feeding him for longer but the biting is almost unbearable now he has so many teeth. There seems to be almost nothing online that I can find (although one article I did find seemed to say that lip-ties can cause biting. Though I can no longer find this source..!)
    Sorry for long winded post - am sleep deprived and fed up!
    Many thanks

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    Default Re: upper lip tie and biting with teeth (6 months old)

    6 teeth at 6 months? So he has his upper front teeth? Wow!

    Even with lots of teeth, babies can't bite when they're actively sucking and swallowing. Do you notice that he tends to bite at particular times during the feeding? Like when he's first latching on, or towards the end when the milk flow slows down?

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