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Thread: Frequent night wakings

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    Hello everyone

    I wonder if anyone can assist.

    I am having a terrible time at night with my 8 month old. She was a really easy going newborn and by 6 weeks was waking only once at night. By 4 months she started waking every two hour and this continued for several weeks and then things go a bit better for a while but again by 5 months she started waking frequently. She has reflux and at 7 months we changed her meds as she was starting to fuss a lot. Now the past couple of weeks she wakes every two hours from when I put her down. She used to manage a longish first stretch but that is no longer the case. She has always been reliant on a pacifier at night but lately absolutely refused the pacifier and only wants to suckle on the breast. We co-sleep as there is no way we would get sleep otherwise. She has a very regular bedtime and goes to bed at 18h00 with minimal fuss in her own crib but wakes every two hours. By the time we go to bed, we take her with us as otherwise she would be up all night fussing. Sometimes I am convinced her reflux causes her problems as nothing seems to settle her but other nights I know it is because she wants to be on the breast and cant self soothe to sleep. Her voice is hoarse most of the time from screaming to be put on the breast and I am not sure what to do. I am a little confused by the sleep cycles. If a sleep cycle is 45 minutes, would a baby not therefore wake every hour to be settled? Why would she then sometimes manage 3 hour stretches? Would that not mean she has put herself to sleep? I look forward to hearing your advice as I really do not want to head towards sleep training!

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    babies don't self sooth, if they are really upset and need soothing but no one comes to their cry, they eventually give up when they decide they are abandoned (not a pleasant idea huh?) Some babies manage to get through being sleep trained without lasting emotional trauma but I agree with you about not wanting to sleep train.

    Now my LO is only 5 1/2 months old. We co sleep too (as a newborn he wouldn't usually stay asleep more than 20 minutes after being put down if not in physical contact with a protective adult body so the bassinet and crib are only for the short naps when I have to do something that can't be done while wearing the baby.) Sometimes I notice that he will come up to a lighter sleep, perhaps move, roll over, cry out but not really wake up and then he will drop back into a deeper sleep again. Other times he will wake up crying.
    So the exact length of the sleep cycle may vary and sometimes they won't fully wake up. In bed at night co sleeping, if there is someone there to cuddle him, he will usually stay asleep. Often when he starts to move/fuss in his sleep I just pull him to me to latch on or roll us both over to the other side. I tend not to pay much attention to the clock, most of the time neither of us wake up that much. Except that usually at least once per night I decide I have to get up when my back gets too stiff, then he usually wakes up fully and it can be hard to settle him back to sleep for a while.

    Not really advice but just what we have done. I've heard other mom's say to turn the clock so you can't see it. That a baby waking frequently at night isn't the problem, just our thinking about broken sleep is.

    Do you work? Being separated from baby during the day can often cause reverse cycling where baby will wake and nurse much more frequently at night, which is generally good for mom's supply.

    Using a pacifier might be making the waking more disruptive since baby has to really wake up to figure out that the sucking isn't filling the tummy? I don't know, mine has never really taken a paci and I'm really happy most of the time to have him comfort nurse on me and even take his
    "boobie" naps (there are certain times of day he wants to latch on for his nap and that seems to be how it has to be for him.)
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