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Thread: those darn BF'ing hormones!

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    Default those darn BF'ing hormones!

    OMG, I can't believe what I just did. I BF DD down for her nap (she had a busy day and was worn out enough to go down for a change!). I swear any time DD BF's for an extended time (longer than 5 minutes these days), those BF'ing hormones make me super relaxed and sleepy and a bit spacy.

    I got up from BF'ing thinking I needed to take out one of my contact lenses and put some solution on it because it had dried out some and went into the bathroom carrying my drink (Diet Coke). I set the Diet Coke next to my contact solution by the sink, took out my contact lens, and the next thing I notice, I'm pouring Diet Coke over my contact! I swear, BF'ing seems to make me do things with half a brain sometimes! It seems like the effects I feel from the oxytonin get stronger as DD gets older too (DD is 21 months).

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    it's mommy brain, I still have it and both my children have weaned.

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    That sounds like something I'd do!

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    Last week I tried and tried to take my right contact out and it was hurting and then I noticed that the contact lenses were already in the case! Apparently I had taken them out BEFORE I nursed Lilah to sleep.

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    DH always makes fun of me that BF DS has made me have the opposite of PPD, like PPElation or something. He compares me to "Brick" in the movie Anchorman....I love lamp...I love chair..."Is there anything you DONT love honey?" Love that oxytocin!!

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    OHHH I can't wait to have the BF hormones back! I miss those sleepy happy feelings.

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    Actually laughing out loud at my desk at work...they must think I'm crazy here! I get like that. The "love" feeling. It's the most awesome natural high feeling, better than "sex" high. I love it!

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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    Brick! I get spacey too. And thristy. DH doesn't even wait for me to ask anymore, he just brings me a glass of water when I sit down to nurse.
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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    lol - I'm convinced that the reason breastfeeding makes babies smart is because the milk is made out of mom's braincells :-)
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    Default Re: those darn BF'ing hormones!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*whozat View Post
    lol - I'm convinced that the reason breastfeeding makes babies smart is because the milk is made out of mom's braincells :-)
    This has GOT to be true!! I used to be so smart (graduated w/4.0) but now...not so much.

    But at least I'm not alone! You guys are craking me up!
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