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Thread: low milk supply in one breast

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    I was wondering if anyone knew why you would develop low supply in one breast as compared to the other. I am using a nipple shield as well as pumping. When pumping I always get approx. 3-5 ounces out of one breast and 1-2 ounces out of the right breast. Does anyone have any suggestions to try to increase supply to right breast. Thank you.

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    It's normal for a mom to have breasts that produce different amounts of milk. There are a lot of reasons why it occurs, including:
    - One breast may have more milk-producing tissue than the other.
    - The baby may favor one breast over the other. The breast that gets more thoroughly drained will produce more.
    - Nipple shields can reduce stimulation and milk supply. It's possible that one breast is more vulnerable to this effect.

    You can increase supply in the breast which produces less by:
    - Pumping the underachieving side more frequently than the overachieving side
    - Starting more or all nursing sessions on the underachieving side
    - Try to do without the shield on the side that produces less

    How old is your baby? 3-5 oz from one breast and 1-2 from the other sounds like excellent milk production.

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