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Thread: reestablishing milk supply

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    My lil one just turned 8 months. I have been breastfeeding with no fomula (just a bit of solids) until she was 7months old. For the last month I have only been breastfeeding her maybe 2 times a day (the rest of the time giving formula), as I thought I was ready to wean her, but now I am not soo sure that I want to. Problem is, that since I have not been nursing her much, my supply is REALLY low. I can not even pump 1/2oz, but there is still some milk being produced.

    My question is, is it possible to reestablish my milk supply and go back to breastfeeding and not have to give her formula? if so, how do I get my milk supply back?? She will still try to nurse, just gets upset because not much comes out.

    Help!! Is there still hope?? As I am having second thoughs about weaning her.

    Thank you!!

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    i am going to bump this because i think the answers will be helpful to me too

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    Sorry this is so late but yes you can build your supply back up! You just need to nurse as much as you can. I would be nursing or pumping every 2-3 hours, even at night. I would suggest doing a lot of skin to skin contact also, espicially if LO is fighting nursing. Try nursing when baby isn't really hungry so that she isn't so frantic to eat. You can also try fenugreek, or mothers milk tea to help build your supply up more. I would always pump for an additional 5 min after I got the last drop out. A hospital grade double pump is best to really build a supply.

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