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Thread: Back to work...no more milk?

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    Unhappy Back to work...no more milk?

    I am sure that this has probably already been answered a dozen times, and i did look through pages of posts to find one that was right in line with my problem, but i didnt...

    I went back to work a week ago and my milk supply has all but disappeared.

    At first i could pump 3 ounces easily each time i pumped at work...then by the end of last week i was barely pumping 3 ounces for the whole work day.

    I really try to pump at the same time every day, but unfortunetly that doesnt happen very often. I work in a call center where our breaks are chosen for us, and they will only give me 20 minutes total to get to the mommy room, pump, clean my gear, and get back....thats just not long enough.

    When i get home, i try and breastfeed the rest of the evening until his normal last evening feed of cereal and formula (this was at the suggest of the doctor. I am clinicly sleep deprived and on the cusp of PPD). From week 7 to about a week ago, that was the only formula he would get.

    Now, after BFing, he is very fussy and not full at all, and can usually put away another 3 ounces...which means i only gave about 2 ounces....

    Are there any suggestions to get back to my full self? I still 'let down' and my foremilk is in balance with my full milk....but i am just not getting enough.


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    I haven't had a huge supply dip at work, but can offer some suggestions for you.

    Can you leave your pump set up in the mom room?
    Maybe skip the cleaning step and just stick the gear into a ziploc and wash when you get home? My LC said that washing the gear every 8hrs is okay. If you don't feel comfortable with that, maybe buy an extra set of flanges so you can swap them out?
    Can you talk with management and ask for a consistent break time? If you know far enough in advance, can you talk with coworkers and see if they will switch with you so you get the same time off?
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