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Thread: Did I blow it?

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    I have an EBF 4 month old dd. I have only pumped on occasion in the last 2 months(like 1 or 2 x /month) since I'm always with her there was no need to. The last few times I tried pumping I could only get 1/2 - 1 ounce from both breasts. Because she is ebf i usually wait until 45 minutes after a feed so as to not take away what she needs, even when I have tried to pump instead of feeding the max I could get was 2 ounces. Back in the first 2 months I was pumping more frequently and could get b/w 5 - 6 ounces at a time. We were having pain issues though so any milk i pumped was then bottle fed to her to give me a break. I was never concerned about freezing any and have no milk stored. I'm at the point where I would like to have night out here and there but It would take me 3 days just to pump enough for 1 feed. How can I be spontaneous and go out now with no back up in the fridge/freezer. Should I have just kept pumping way back and did I blow it for now...

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    Well actually you now have a better supply. I'm guessing that when you were pumping in the beginning you had a bit of an oversupply. That's normal when you first start out. What's probably going on now is that you've got your supply in sync. So your baby has said this is how much I need, that's how much you make.
    Anything your trying to pump is EXTRA or oversupply. You don't really just make milk at will, it's all supply and demand. So right now you don't have a bunch of oversupply.

    If you'd like extra to store you've essentially got to create a need for that milk. That's not going to happen over night or even necessarily in a couple of days. Usually your going to get a higher yield if you pump the same time everyday (morning is better than evening) and then over a week or two you'll probably notice a little increase in what you can pump.

    If your not looking to get a whole freezer full and you just want enough for a few bottles the way your doing it now is the way to go, it just takes awhile to get enough for a 3oz bottle!

    No problems, that's just how it works!

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