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Thread: freeze refrigerated milk??

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    Default freeze refrigerated milk??

    I have milk that has been in the fridge for 7 days and I am not going to need it right now because of a change of plans. Can I stick it in the freezer? I read somewhere that refrigerated milk has to be frozen withing 48 hours. I really hate to waste this milk because I don't have any in the freezer right now if I had an emergency and had to go away from baby. Thanks!

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    Default Re: freeze refrigerated milk??

    I believe you are still safe to freeze it. i would.

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    Default Re: freeze refrigerated milk??

    I froze milk that was still good in the fridge (i.e. less than 8 days old), but if it was over 2 days old I would label it and use it first. I always tasted it, and never had a problem - go ahead and save it, mama!
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    I've also frozen milk that was in the frig for 6-7 days and it was fine when we used it later.

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