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Thread: how much and how many and what

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    Default how much and how many and what

    hi everyone,

    my daughter is 8 1/2 months. i've been feeding her purees since 6 months plus the occasional finger food. it's funny regarding the latter. this one sticks everything in her mouth so i figure when i started her with solids, she'd take on to the BLS stuff like crazy...but no, she just mushes it in her hand and plays with it and occasionally puts a little bit in her mouth. it's mostly purees for now.

    anyhow, on with the questions. for now, i'm giving her 2 meals a day...basically lunch and dinner and she's BFing at least 6 x a day. so, usually i BF her and then an hour later, i give her solids and then a couple hours later BF again. however, in the 2 hour between the meal and BF, she seems hungry in the sense that if i'm eating something, she'll stare and sometimes chew her mouth. it's very sad to see. should i be giving her snacks? i don't want her to decrease the BF nor do i want to increase the BF times. for her meals, i'm giving her about 4 oz (e.g. size of baby jar). she could probably take more but it seems like a lot already. should i give her more? if i give her snacks, is that breaking the BF before you feed rule? i thought for snacks, i'd do BLS because i want to get her used to feeding herself.

    and lastly, is fresh fruits (e.g. uncooked) okay to start at this age? how about egg yolks and meat?

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: how much and how many and what

    Around here my kids just got put in the high chair whenever we were having meals. With a toddler who is constantly snacking, my 11 month old will get the occasional snack as well. However it's something like one corn chip, or a slice of peach, nothing huge.

    The following the food with her eyes and smacking her gums is a developmental thing, not necessarily a sign of hunger. It just means that she is ready for solid foods.

    This website has a lot of great info on what food to give at what age.

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