LO will be going to daycare when she turns 1 year. It's time for me to go back to work.

I won't be able to pump at work. Since she'll be a year, I want to start her on whole milk, and I'll continue to nurse in the morning and when I get home.

She will take a bottle and is drinking water from her straw sippy. My understanding is that at a year, you should try to wean them from a bottle. So when I introduce whole milk in another month or so, what do I introduce it in? The same type of sippy that she's currently drinking from? Or do I try a new one that is just for milk?

When she drinks water, she just takes little drinks all day long. It's not a meal like it is when we give her a bottle. So I don't know if she'll drink a "meal" of whole milk from it. Although, it's not like I've tried it yet - it's still too early.