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Thread: Evening vomiting

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    Question Evening vomiting


    I'm not sure where to post this question but as I think it may be food related, maybe this is the place.

    My 1yr old daughter has been eating solids well for 6 months. We did BLS and she took to it really well. The last 4 nights however, she has vomited quite forcefully at bedtime...about 2 hrs after her evening meal. The only new food she had (on the first day of vomiting) was a little smoked salmon but she's had unsmoked before. I then went back to trusted foods but it's continued. She generally eats some starch (potato, rice or pasta), protein (roast meats or fish), plenty of veg and dairy (cheese yoghurt and milk). All of this she has been fine with from 6 months. She's been breast fed but since 9 mths I've had to supplement more and more with formula until now I think breastfeeding is just for comfort. She won't take whole cows milk apart from in cereal for breakfast. Oh and she's not surprisingly lost her apetite a bit too, only eating about 1/3 of what she normally would.

    Other than the vomiting and the loss of apetite, she's happy and healthy, playing and developing as normal.

    The only other thing to note is that on the first day she vomited, she had the combined Hib/meningitis C vaccine. I thought it was a reaction at first but not so sure now.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Evening vomiting

    Maybe she's just go a virus?
    Anybody else in the house sicK?

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