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Thread: anxious about solids, nursing

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    Default anxious about solids, nursing

    DD is 10 months. I find that I'm always anxious about her eating enough solids, or too much solids and not enough nursing. She's not big on finger foods and will eat a little pureed baby food. On days when we're not home much, she nurses a lot less and eats more purees. I offer 2 meals per day of solids, and she'll eat anywhere from nothing to 4 oz. of pureed food. (nothing on days when we're home, and 4 oz. if we've been out and she hasn't wanted to nurse) Sometimes she'll just have a bite or two of finger foods. I'm thinking about stopping the purees and just giving her finger foods, but then I worry because she really is not good at eating them yet and will often only swallow a few grains of rice or 1/4 of a grape. Will she not get enough solids that way? Or then the days that she eats lots of puree, I get nervous about her not having enough milk. Does anyone have any advice? She's very happy and healthy. On days when she doesn't nurse much, she has fewer wet diapers, but her weight gain is fine.

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    Hello, I had a bit of struggle during the solids transition as well but I found it helpful not to feed my son any solids an hour before nursing or feed him solids right after I nursed him. It's a bit of trial and error for us to find the right balance. How are you spacing your feeds? It's funny, he's a year now and I still have the same worries. I think some babies just have more a preference to mother's milk but keep trying and I'm sure your daughter will take the solids when she's ready.

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    I know it's really hard, but try not to stress. I stressed out way too much from about 6 months to a year with DD and solids. As long as you are nursing first, don't worry if she's eating too many or not enough solids. Even now, DD is almost two and she'll go two days living off of TWO BITES (maybe a slight exaggeration, but not much) and then she'll have a day or two where we have no idea where she's putting all the food. I know that you worry about your supply and it's hard not to since she's not just living off of your milk, but really don't sweat it

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