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Thread: Need your opinion: do I have OS??

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    Default Need your opinion: do I have OS??

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time here and I am sooo happy to read through all these posts and see others dealing with the same things I am.... I would love opinions from all of you out there: do you think I have OS? Or do I have OALD without OS??

    My son is 1 month old tomorrow (this is my 2nd baby-- my older son was BF until he was 1y.o.). In the last 2 weeks or so, he has sometimes been choking during LD and also has the clicking sound. He has been fairly gassy and I've shot him in the eye several times if he comes off the breast during LD. Took me 2 weeks to realize that this is OALD, but no doubt that is what it is. (side note: I also just realized I had this with my first son as well, he just dealt with it differently so it was never really an issue for me!)

    However, I am not sure if I have OS. My breasts have not gotten engorged or hard at all this time around. In fact, my right breast is always soft. His poops have been consistently mustard yellow and sometime seedy (though very liquidy and sometimes painful for him-- sometimes they wake him from sleeping).

    So, what do you think? And what do you think I can do to resolve the situation? I tried only eating on one side at a time today and all that did is cause him to want to eat more frequently (we went from once every 3 hours to once every 2 hours. This is not an improvement IMO!)

    My plan for now is to let the foremilk spray into a cloth. Have him eat on the 1st side as long as possible. And offer the 2nd side if he is still hungry after that. Any better ideas?

    2nd question: If I let the foremilk from the OALD spray into a cloth, how does this reduce the amount of foremilk I produce? My breast doesn't know if he is eating it or not...

    Thanks in advance for any help. I really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Need your opinion: do I have OS??

    It sounds like you have OALD, but not OS, if you had OS you would be getting rock hard more often. I've had OALD pretty much the whole time (6 months), but now that he is older he doesn't mind the forceful letdown, in fact, he probably likes the fast flow. My lo would always start choking if he couldn't handle it when he was little, and THE BEST thing we did to help that was to nurse more frequently, the flow and also my OS was soooo much better when I would nurse every hour. Usually, he would pop off and I would let it go into a cloth, it is no big deal to do that unless you have a very hungry baby on your hands!

    Also, I have always nursed one side per feeding and find that really helps. But you seem to not have issues with OS, so I'm not sure if nursing one side would effect your supply. You could always try and see if it works. Some mama's are one-siders and thats the only thing that works, and others are two-siders. My lo has never seemed hungry after he stops on one side.

    Have you been to kellymom.com? That seems to be the best resource, here the link. HTH!

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    Default Re: Need your opinion: do I have OS??

    An update: for the last 2 days I have fed from 1 breast only at a time and he is able to be completely satisfied from one breast. Of course, that has led to the other side getting more full/ slightly engorged.

    Two questions:
    1. How long should I expect this engorgement to last? It is not severe, so I'm thinking a few days to a week before I adjust. Does that seem about right?

    2. He has only had a little poop (still mustard yellow and seedy) in each diaper. No huge amounts of watery poops in the last 2 days as he has every other day. Thoughts on what this means? Is this good/ bad?

    I am still not sure if I had OS. I'm thinking yes, but just a little in the left breast. I think the right breast is about right on-- hasn't gotten engorged much. Not like the left.

    But thanks for your thoughts. I will keep hanging in there until he gets bigger and can handle more!

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