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Thread: Oops! Re-used breast shield/valve!

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    Default Oops! Re-used breast shield/valve!

    I pump at work and when I'm done, I place the dirty breast valve I just used into a ziploc bag. Well, I've got clean valves in a ziploc too (labeled "clean"), but I accidently grabbed the dirty one when I went to pump 2 1/2 hours later. Should I dump the milk I got from pumping with the dirty one? Or is it okay?


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    Default Re: Oops! Re-used breast shield/valve!

    the milk is fine. Human BM can stay at room temp for hours before spoiling.

    That seems like a lot of cleaning to do. Do you have a fridge that you keep your bm in at work? If so why not just put the parts in the fridge and use them again later?

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    with pp. Milk is fine.

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    The LC I went to said bm is okay at room temp for 8hrs, so she said it's okay if I wash my pumping stuff on an 8hr schedule wiht hot and soapy water. I don't wait that long all the time, but sometimes in the middle of the night, it's nice to know it'll be okay to leave it until morning.
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