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Thread: what else should I do?

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    Default what else should I do?

    well pumping has not been successful yet. I'm pumping about 3 hrs around the clock and I'm getting NOTHING! Not even a drip. I got some colustrum yesterday morning and nothing since. I'm drinking water like crazy, but it goes through me so fast should I try every two hours?? I dont have to pump to make bottles, just need to get my milk in.
    I'm being impatient arent I
    I just thought I'd at least have some drops or something by now. Should I worry?

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    I think that taking a few days for milk to come in is completely normal. I would assume (although I don't know this for sure) that if might even take a bit longer if you've had a c-section since it is not a 'natural' birth.

    No guilt intended- I had 2 sections!

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    I've read in some of the pregnancy/child brith books that milk can take longer to come in after a c/s as well, because the "hormone cocktail" that sets off labor hasn't sent the signal yet. I bet it will be in momentarily! I'm afraid that pumping too often may not make your milk come in faster, but it may come in like niagra falls, ready to feed your hungry octuplets!!

    You're doing great! I would keep at it every 3-4 hours, or see if you can talk with a lactation consultant on staff at the hospital for her opinion.

    P.S. Any updates on your little man?

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    When I had my c-section I started drinking mother's milk tea soon after. My milk came in pretty quickly.

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    Give it more time. My milk didn't come in that fast with any of mine. Even with non-stop nursing I think It took almost 3 days.

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    I don't think c-sections really have a whole lot to do with it (IME). How long did it take with coop? It's harder with a pump hang in there mama!! Maybe try every 2 hours when you feel like it (like for maybe 3 pumping sessions in a row or something), and every 3 hours for the rest of the 24 hour period, kwim? You could also do "power pumping" if you want to.

    However I think your milk will come in without any extra steps, but I know what it's like to want something and to be impatient

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    I had a vag-birth and Lucy nursed a lot plus I had been nursing Daniel and my milk still didn't come in until about the 3 day mark.

    If you can though, you should try nursing every 2 hours at least during the day. A newborn nurses a lot, you want to be sure to get off to that good start. Did you have any supply issues with Coop?

    You can do this Heather!
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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    My baby was in the NICU for the first two days and they had me pump at least 8 times a day in addition to trying to nurse her when I could. So I was pumping every two hours. It was very frustrating at first - I couldn't get anything out, but after about a day I started getting more of the colostrum out. The lactation consultant told me to pump at low suction, high speed for two minutes, then high suction low speed (I think the speed was 4 and 7 on a Medela Lactina) for five minutes. She said to do that twice and then stop. I think it made it less frustrating than just sitting there pumping away trying to get some amount out. Also, I had the wrong size horns. Did you pump with your first son at all? If not, ask them to bring you an assortment of horn sizes so you can see if it is a horn size issue.

    I also had a c-section and my milk came in like gangbusters on the third day.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    I wasn't able to nurse Thomas for several days either, and my LC told me to set my alarm and pump every 1.5 hours around the clock. It took a little while, but it worked, and when my milk came in (around 5 days I think ?), I could have fed the entire nursery with one pumping's worth.

    I hope you're doing well, and sending lots of good thoughts for Bennett's surgery.

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    Default Re: what else should I do?

    with pps, totally normal and try not to worry! Just keep up what you are doing and maybe take some of the suggestions offered!


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