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Thread: Pumping at work-anyone have this problem?

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    Default Pumping at work-anyone have this problem?

    I have successfully relactated (up to 18.5 ozs a day!). I have to pump at work, and my direct supervisors and their boss are all very supportive (even offering the use of offices). The problem I am having is certain female co-workers. They complain that I am not working (because I use my breaks to pump). I have had one individual complain about me storing breastmilk in the fridge in our breakroom....something to the effect of they do not think it is sanitary to store "bodily fluids" with food. I have been told that I should pump in the bathroom, and then on the rare occasion that I do use the bathroom for pumping, another certain one complains about that. I have approached the office manager about it and HE is very supportive and helped me work out a plan to make this easier on me and keep others quiet. I have been offered the use of the telecom room (where all of the computer network and telephone stuff is) and allowed to purchase a mini fridge for my cube (waiting for it to arrive).

    I still have one "lady" making comments everytime she shes me walking towards my pumping location with my bag that contains my pump. I conceal my milk (for now keeping it on ice in a cooler...we have a restaurant ice-maker, so I have plenty of ice). All I can figure is she just complains to complain.

    The weird part is that I work for a state agency that has close ties with the health dept (we use their labs to analyze our samples). The health department is actively promoting breastfeeding, but some of my co-workers still don't get it! Is this not strange?


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    Default Re: Pumping at work-anyone have this problem?

    Wow! I'm so happy for you and your LO that you were able to successfully relactate and that you are able to pump at work.
    It is sad that the women you work with would be so spiteful instead of supportive. Unfortunately, I don't think your situation is probably all that unusual. There is no rational reason why your pumping should be offensive to anybody, but there are plenty of irrational ones. Maybe she wasn't able to have kids or breastfeed successfully or balance work and family life etc. and she resents you. Or maybe she is just an unhappy person who spreads negativity gratuitously. You can't control what goes on inside people's heads, or what comes out of their mouths. You can control your response.
    I hope you can be secure in the knowledge that you are in the right and you are doing not only what is best for your baby, but also what is best for society from a public health standpoint (especially compared to the smoke breakers!).
    Also, you have every right to store your milk in the fridge if you want to.


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    Default Re: Pumping at work-anyone have this problem?

    Thank goodness for supportive management. Maybe you can sneak in a few comments here and there to your co-workers about the benefits of breastfeeding. My ds is almost 9 months old and not one sick day for either of us yet (knock on wood). You can lose lot's of time from working having to care for sick children, so the little time you spend pumping is well worth it. You should not pump in the bathroom. I believe I saw a link on the La Leche League site on laws for each state. Some specifically indicate that the employer must provide a private place away from bathrooms. I do like that they'll get you a little frig. When I breastfed my dd 10 years ago, they also didn't allow breastmilk stored in the common frig. Now they have lactating rooms and each room has a frig. It's very nice, but we have 5000 employees, so there are always mome pumping. Problem is working out a schedule on the room and arranging it around work meetings. But it's all worth it : ). You have great courage! Good luck!

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