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Thread: Homemade Baby?

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    Default Homemade Baby?

    Do you all make your own baby food or do you use the jars, frozen, etc? I try to make my own for her, but sometimes I don't have the time or just plain lazy to dirty so many dishes for something I'm not sure she's even going to eat. When I do give her jar or frozen foods I select Earth's Best and Happy Baby. But I notice that even Organic baby foods have added ingredients like absorbic acid and water to preserve the food I know, but are they really getting a taste of the real deal and it's nutrients or does it matter since it's an experimental thing at this stage? Homemade baby food is not sold in my region . I've made apple sauce, carrots, and give her bananas, avacados, plum, and nectarines directly while we share bites.

    I see a lot of mommas offering breads, fish, chicken, etc. My LO is 7 months going on 8 in a couple of weeks. Are all these foods safe now? I'm just so freaked about giving her the foods we eat yet. There's so much in them like salt, oils, and various ingredients I'd hate to overload her body with. Then again is she already taking this in from my milk? We went out to eat to an Italian Rest. and I left the house w/o her baby food and was so upset at myself. I didn't want to eat in front of her and my family kept telling me to give her some of the food on my plate to try, but I felt uneasy giving it to her so we rushed through dinner so I could get home and nurse. Am I worrying too much or not enough?

    Also, not sure anyone else has this issue, but every time I give her bananas I notice she gets fussy. Is it too heavy for her tummy to digest?

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    there are a lot of threads here on Baby Led Solids if you do a quick search. It is essentially letting the baby decided what and how much to eat. You offer whole foods in either bite, fist, or french fry shape and baby does the rest

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    if you are doing purees, make a whole bunch and freeze them in an ice cube tray, this way you just take what you need out to defrost and you are good to go. if you do BLS, just let her play with the foods and she will eat what she wants. at 8 ms i would keep with simple foods without a lot of spices, so if you are making chicken, keep a small piece a side and cook it without seasonings. i used the web site a lot http://wholesomebabyfood.com/ don't worry, you're doing great!!!

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