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    Hi ladies. I'm looking for some advice on increasing my supply. My DS is almost 11 weeks old and is currently breastfed and supplemented with formula. When he was first born, I was exclusively breastfeeding. It took quite a few days for any milk to come in, and in the meantime he lost a lot of weight, had little to no wet diapers and eventually became dehydrated. He is my first child and this scared me to death, so I was happy and relieved when we started supplementing and he began to thrive.

    Even after my milk came in, my supply was low. I talked to an LC and my doctor. I was prescribed Domperidone which barely increased my supply. I was told I might just be one of those women who can't make enough milk.

    Since then, I've continued breastfeeding (and supplementing) and have done some research on my own. I discovered (through LLL articles) that anemia and a retained placenta can cause low supply (I had both). I've been taking iron religiously since delivery. Now that I'm feeling good and am finally getting my levels back up, I've been working at getting my milk supply up. My supply has started to increase , as he's now averaging about 3oz of formula per feeding, instead of the 4 - 6 oz he was taking before. Ideally I'd like to wean him from supplements all together, but am basically just happy with every extra drop I can give him.

    Here's what I've been doing to try increase supply:
    (1) Domperidone - 40 mg 4x/day
    (2) Blessed Thistle - 1560 mg 3x/day
    (3) Fenugreek - 1220 mg 3x/day
    (4) Brewer's Yeast - 800 mg 3x/day
    (5) MaMa Milkstream - 30 drops 3x/day
    (6) Mother's Milk Tea - occasionally
    (7) Oatmeal - 1 serving/day
    (8) Breastfeed out of both breasts every feeding
    (9) Double pumping with a Medela Symphony - 3x throughout the day for about 15 mins (breasts aren't producing anymore milk at that point)
    (10) Drinking 10 cups of water/day

    So, after that looong explanation, I'm looking for suggestions on anything else I could be doing. Specifically, how long/when should I be pumping? Should I be pumping after every feed, in between feeds, both? Is there anything else I could be doing that I've missed?


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    My LC has me feeding 8x a day and pumping for 10 min after every feeding. I supplement w/ formula using an SNS so my breasts get 10-20min stimulation from baby sucking. During the night, my husband feeds a bottle, and I pump fully.

    I've actually been pumping 15-20 min, until the milk stops flowing plus a few minutes beyond that point. I think I'm pumping mainly hindmilk, because it's very thick and creamy looking.

    I suggest trying goat's rue. My LC recommended taking that with the dom; she said that the fenugreek and other lactation blends were doing what dom does, except at a lower strength.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    on pp advice. pump pump pump
    Pump pump pump pump pump. When I had supply issues, my LC had me pumping for 10 minutes per side every 2 hours during the day and every 3 at night. That, plus the Reglan (it's an alternative to Domperidone), fenugreek, blessed thistle got my supply up where it needed to be.

    Have you been to see a lactation consultant? She can assess your baby's latch, can help you improve it if it needs improving, and can hook you up with any gear you might need, like the right size of breast shields (a lot of women don't realize that they have the wrong size), or a supplemental nursing system (SNS). The SNS is a bit tricky to master, but if you can it means that your baby will get all his meals at the breast (reducing risk of bottle preference/nipple confusion) and your baby will stimulate your supply even as he feeds from the SNS tube.

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