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Thread: A success story-too much milk

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    Default A success story-too much milk

    I had way too much milk. It would spray across the room, soak through breast pads in minutes, etc. I felt discouraged because my daughter would gag, choke and scream at the breast. I had a WONDERFUL midwife that was very patient with me and my daughter, trying everything. We finally had to bring in a pump. I would pump a tiny bit so the let down wasn't so bad, then feed her that, then put her to breast. If I pumped for 60 seconds each side I would get a minimum of EIGHT ounces. I found it helpful to let gravity help to and we laid down to nurse. I used the little cup and pump for about 3 weeks. Now 16 months later, we are still nursing and I love it. So it was well worth the initial work and frustration!

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    Congratulations to you for being able to work it out and jump over what seems to be a more and more common breastfeeding issue!

    Way to go!

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