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Thread: Thrush and my freezer stash

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    Default Thrush and my freezer stash

    I am currently almost exclusively pumping my 9 week old. We have been BFing at most 1-2 times a day. The last time we nursed was on Tuesday. I started to notice symptoms of thrush on Wednesday. My question is, I was in the process of rotating my freezer stash when all of this started. I have a huge stash and so its taken me a long time to rotate it. Should I stop until the thrush clears up? Is it likely that I as well have it, and if I do, will it be stored in the milk I just froze? Kellymom doesnt really give a clear answer. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Thrush and my freezer stash

    No expert but from what I remember hearing if your baby has it then you may also have it and you should not store that milk until it's cleared. I believe there is a thread in here somewhere that talked about it.

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    Default Re: Thrush and my freezer stash

    Yes, I wouldn't store any of your milk till all signs are gone. Pump and use the milk, do not freeze it. Freezing doesn't kill thrush. If you have frozen any of it since the signs of thrush, unfreeze and use up with treating the thrush.

    Since you have nursed him recently, treat yourself as well as him, even if your not showing signs or symptoms. There are prescription treatments and over the counter treatments. (I'm sure you read that on kellymom.) Also if breast feeding him, dip your nipples in a vinegear and water solution after every feeding and let your nipples/breast air dry. Wear a clean bra daily and wash your dirty bra and any other cloth items exposed to breastmilk in a vinegear laundry load as well.

    Also since he is bottle feed, sterilze all pumping and bottle stuff daily, including pacifers if he takes them. Replace all nipples and pacifiers after treatment and symptoms are gone, esp if your bottle nipples are the latex kind and not the silicone type. (You can't sterilze the latex kind.)

    Good Luck! I hated thrush!
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