My DD has been rejecting the breast and bottle for over 2 weeks now. I can manage to feed her at night when she is drowsy. I try to sneak in a nursing session anytime I see her tired. She seems to be very distracted by her surroundings no matter how quiet I try to make it. I work so I have to depend on my sitters to get her to drink. There have been days where she has only drank 1/2oz of breast milk while I have been gone. Motrin doesn't seem to work. I know she is teething. I wake her up a couple of times at night to feed her to insure she is getting enough fluids. Sippy cups are hit and miss and a lot of the milk dribbles out. She is a happy baby and only fusses when you try to make her breastfeed or drink from a bottle. Will this ever end or can I look forward to this until she weans?