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Thread: Working/Pumping Mommas and starting solids

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    Default Working/Pumping Mommas and starting solids

    Hi Ladies,

    I had a question about starting solids when baby is getting pumped milk during day. I know they say to nurse first before offering solids, and not to replace any nursing sessions with solids during the first few months--but how does this work if the baby is getting bottled breastmilk? I leave 3 5oz. bottles during the day for my son--sometimes he takes all three, sometimes just two, depending on how long his naps are. I nurse first thing in the AM at 6/7ish, when I get home at 4:30pm, before bed at 6pm, and once during the night when he wakes (time varies). I nurse exclusively on my days off (3 days week) every 3 hrs or so.

    So, how to introduce solids? I was thinking have having him have a solid meal during one of his bottle times, followed by a smaller bottle, so he was still getting the milk. Or give the bottle first, then the solids? On one hand, it would take the pressure off of having to pump so much during the day to have him take some solids while I'm at work for one of the meals, but I'm afraid to replace the more nutritious breastmilk. And depending on when my MIL gives it, he may not be hungry when I get home to nurse him...

    For the working/pumping Mommas...what is your solids/bottle schedule?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Working/Pumping Mommas and starting solids

    My babysitter gives Lilah her bottle (but she'll only eat 1 to 2 ounces from it at a time) and then 30 minutes later she'll give her solids. Then 30 minutes later she'll try to get her to drink more from the bottle.

    When she's at home with me, sometimes I give her solids before I nurse her, sometimes after, it just depends what we're doing. She nurses about every 2 hours though, so I'm not too worried about the solids replacing a nursing sessionl

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    Default Re: Working/Pumping Mommas and starting solids

    For a long time we just did solids at home. I don't think I sent any solids with DS to day care until he was around 9 or 9.5 months old.

    Then they'd do bottle first and solids later.
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    Default Re: Working/Pumping Mommas and starting solids

    we did it once a day for a while so we would do it around dinner time...and we give the bottle the same amount of times (he has one every 2-3 hrs) and we feed him (really just snacks) in between like an 1 hr after one and 1 hr before the next!

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    Default Re: Working/Pumping Mommas and starting solids

    how old is your LO? i think DD was 7 or 8 months before i sent any solids to DC during the day and it was only 1 or 2 oz of solids after her morning bottle. i always did BM first and then offered solids.

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