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Thread: Medela PISA Bags???

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    Default Medela PISA Bags???

    Hello, I was wondering which PISA was better to purchase. The Backpack or the Shoulder Bag?

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    Default Re: Medela PISA Bags???

    I have got the shoulder bag... don't know what the real difference is, aside from aesthetics....
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    Default Re: Medela PISA Bags???

    I've got the backpack. It is just a little less identifiable as a breast pump than the shoulder bag - though that's not the reason I picked it; I didn't know that at the time! The main reason I like the backpack style is that, simply, it's easier for me to carry OTHER bags if I have the option of slinging this thing across my back - or even just on one shoulder, but it sits on my back, not at my side. I carry a big old back for work (need it to accomodate the large-screen mac laptop i use for work) with tons of stuff in it and that gets hung over one shoulder. Toting two shoulder bags just wouldn't have worked for me. On days that I also needed a separate handbag, ugh. It was alot!

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    Default Re: Medela PISA Bags???

    like linda, i have the backpack style and love it! i also lug a bunch of stuff to work (laptop, purse, etc), so having a backpack is great, as it evenly distributes the weight on my back when i'm walking to/from the bus stop....but i also have the option of just carrying it on one shoulder for shorter walks (e.g., to the mothers room to pump).

    i'm not sure how the inside of the shoulder bag looks like, but my backpack has a water bottle holder and a couple of handy side pockets! i can even fit a couple of baby/parenting magazines in the back where there is a larger pocket.

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    Default Re: Medela PISA Bags???

    With the back pack, if you wear your baby you can throw the backpack on and not be thrown off on one side.....

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    I have the shoulder bag and to be honest, I really would rather have the backpack style. But mine was a great deal on ebay ($100 brand new) so I can't complain, lol.

    I think it really depends... When I go out I currently carry my diaper bag (which is like a suitcase, lol), bottle/formula bag (since DS is formula fed at the moment), my purse and my pump. All those are shoulder bags AND I have to carry my DS!

    Hope that helps!

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