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Thread: how long between new foods?

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    Default how long between new foods?

    how long did you all wait between trying new foods?

    Most stuff I read says at LEAST a few days, with 5 days being ideal. At that rate it would take us a loooooooooooong time to get through fruits and veggies. I'm waiting 2 days, oatmeal always at night and some sort of fruit/veggie at lunch with new ones given every 2 days.

    BUT, when I went to Dr. Newman's clinic they told me it didn't matter at all. I could give her 3 new foods a day if she wanted (for example) and 3 different ones tomorrow and let her eat until she doesn't want anymore. At the time, starting solids seemed so far away I didn't ask too many questions about it.. but now I wonder what most people do.


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    Default Re: how long between new foods?

    I waited 3 days because that's what I was comfortable with. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I remember Gill Rapley's BLW book also says no need to wait, unless of course you have reason to believe your child may have a reaction...ie family allergies, etc. I know it's confusing with some places saying no wait and other saying as long as 7 days! Maybe someone else has some insight.
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    Default Re: how long between new foods?

    in the beginning I waited three days..for the major ones..cereals, 4 (or so) veggies and then 4 (or so) fruits...when he was JUST started out...but now if i see something i think i want to give it to him, I do!

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    Default Re: how long between new foods?

    We waited 3 or 4 days between new foods.

    When we added new foods, I prioritized foods that I could start using as ingredients to cook meals instead of just giving DS single foods. And also prioritized things like sources of iron, protein, etc.

    And I'm glad we waited - this made it super easy to pinpoint DS food allergies.
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    Default Re: how long between new foods?

    We waited around five days between new foods. At some point, maybe around 9 months or so, when we were doing a lot more finger foods, I would add more than one at a time. But we also had a lot of trouble figuring out which ones were giving her rashes and tummy-aches after that.

    It may be old-school of me but when we have another one I'll probably do the five-day wait again. Especially since DD has food allergies, DH has pet allergies and I have hay fever.

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